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Turkey’s 2017 holiday comeback… & why Brits are choosing Turkey for Summer 2018

Published on December 30, 2017 by mykalkanholiday
2017 saw the return of the staple British tourist to much-loved Kalkan

go 2017 saw the return of the staple British tourist to much-loved Kalkan


The immortal tagline of Jaws seems far from dramatic after the horrors of ‘western’ media demonized Turkey throughout late 2015 and most of 2016, however for those in the know it is – and always has been – safe to get back in the water. And in the summer of 2017, the word finally got out that the Lycian Coast and beautiful resort towns of Turkey are unspoilt, unthreatening and unworthy of the scare-mongering that followed in the aftermath of events relating to the capital and even more distant regions bordering the Middle East.

An article in The Telegraph by self-proclaimed Turkey fan, Linda Cookson, demonstrated a 28 per cent rise in Turkey holidays in 2017 – fast claiming back its title of 6th most popular tourist destination in the world (as it was in 2014). So what’s causing the shift?

1) By George, it’s cheap! A recent Travelex study on the 10 cheapest holiday destinations in the world (based on how far £500 will get you), put Turkey in a respectable 9th place in the list, with a daily living cost of £22.32 for tourists.

2) Safety and security are part of daily life. Put simply, tourism is far too great an economy for the beautiful resort towns – such as Kalkan and Kas – along the coast and further inland. Negligent attitudes to safety and security would come at too great a cost for the local economy. What’s more, with a reputation for unrivalled welcomes and impeccable service standards, care and attentiveness are the bread and butter of a holiday to Turkey.

3) We’re not lost, we’re just undiscovered! Well, not quite – the beautiful resorts of Kalkan and Kas might be firmly on the map of tourists from the UK but they remain uncrowded and unspoilt thanks to the sheer scale of options for activities and restaurants per head. Not only this, but a lack of booze cruise or ‘lad’ holidays means that the region provides a more favourable option for couples, families and groups of friends looking for something more upmarket and fun-filled without breaking the bank. For single travelers, the small, intimate resort options allow for plenty of mingling with the amenities to do your own thing too.

4) The world is getting smaller – no, really! With more and more flight options, stop-over options and even boat options to get here – people are getting over the fear of ‘what might happen abroad’ and leaving the house again. Europe and Turkey have more flights than ever before and those prices keep on coming down – so what better time to get booking?

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s the full article: The British are going back to Turkey – here’s why you should join them by Linda Cookson

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