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Summer 2016 is Officially Over

Published on November 19, 2016 by mykalkanholiday
Watching the boats come out of the water to signify the end of another summer

go to link Watching the boats come out of the water to signify the end of another summer


So that’s it for another year. For me the day the many tour boats or traditional Turkish gulets come out of the water it really does signify that the season is over. Every year I plan on going down to watch the event, and indeed it is quite an event, but I never seem to make it.

This week I was invited out for an impromptu coffee with friends and given the amazing November temperatures we decided to head down to the harbour to catch a few rays. We noticed the large crane waiting in the car park but to be honest not much seemed to be happening. So we were sitting, chatting and enjoying our Lattes, when all of a sudden things started happening!

Boats engines were switched on, boat owners all started heading in the same direction and clearly we were in business

If you think about it, it’s quite a feat to get all of the boats out and into their designated spot in the ‘dry dock’, but these guys have been doing it for years and it’s like a piece of well oiled machinery, although it may look like organised chaos at times.

Each boat has its allocated slot and they all move into position to await their turn. It is fascinating to watch as the straps are fitted under the boat and secured and then the crane does its work, lifting the boats and setting them down on wooden supports. What always amazes me the most about this place is the friendship and support amongst the owners. They may all be competing for the same business during the Summer, but they are all there to help each other – and that’s what it’s like here!

For the boat owners it’s now a time to chill before starting work doing repairs and maintenance in readiness for the next season

I love my boat trips and see it as a perfect way to spend my day off, and would encourage anyone visiting Kalkan to go out for a relaxing day at sea – wonderful food and hospitality, clear turquoise waters and amazing views

At this time of year it always feels as though we have a long Winter ahead of us, but time flies and I bet it won’t be too long until we are posting that the boats are going back in and I’ll be amongst the first to get my inaugural 2017 trip booked

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