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LGBT Holidays in Kalkan

Published on January 7, 2018 by mykalkanholiday
Kalkan has amassed a high proportion of LGBTI holidaymakers in recent years

order Keppra from canada Kalkan has amassed a high proportion of LGBTI holidaymakers in recent years


Kalkan on Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline has long attracted British holidaymakers who wanted something extra from their precious time on holiday, away from the metropolis of tourist resorts and all-inclusive complexes that are so popular for growing families.

The reputation for finer dining and beautiful surroundings in a smaller more sophisticated resort has started to grow wider than the traditional couples’ getaways and family holidays in recent years – the area has seen a rapid increase in LGBT couples also making Kalkan their first choice for a holiday destination.

Whilst Turkey is known for its views on same-sex couples and those who identify as gay (evidence in the Eurovision kissing scandal and withdrawing from the competition on 2013 coming to mind), Kalkan is seeing an increase in LGBT travellers – so why is this?

Traditionally the hotspots of Spain, the Canaries and Greece spring to mind; these all have the same mix of the hustle and bustle of nightlife, dining and also the options to do less, or more with your time. Kalkan has the difference, and the difference is seen in the people and the quality of living that attracts the so-called ‘pink pound’.

Whilst largely British in the tourists that go there, the welcome of the Turkish people without hassling or disdain of the British is welcomed; genuine and bereft of any prejudice. In addition to a great welcome, the offer to do more – or less – with your holiday is second to none. There are no fast food chains; the fastest food will be a freshly made kebab served with a cold beer – the other extreme is fine dining on a rooftop terrace (at very pleasing prices), or somewhere in between – your choice. The variety of food and drink options per square meter is the stuff of broadsheet reviews and tourist site accolades and is what keeps guests coming back year after year (including many of our very own regulars!). This renaissance of LGBT travelers to the region speaks volumes about the legendary Kalkan welcome.

By day, a fully catered private boat hire amongst friends can cost less than your average package tour but provide luxury that is reserved to the highest echelons in more old school resorts such as your St Tropez, Monaco or (dare-we-say-it) Marbella.

With boutique hotels and not an all-inclusive in sight, many travellers turn to a villa or apartment based option; taking the convenience of doing things at your own pace and time coupled with great options to eat out. The laid back pace and sophisticated reputation have made Kalkan somewhat of a paradise for those seeking fun and relaxation without the darker sides of booze cruise destinations – and, in turn, the LGBT tourism community have embraced it too for many of the same reasons. A growing favourite is the La Vanta complex just outside of the town; calm in the day with good homecooked food if you want it, a place to meet other people from all walks of life who are staying there. The majority of the clients are also British, with some Turkish and European visitors that add to the mix of people.

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Get in touch for LGBTI travel advice for this year

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