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It’s Market Day

Published on March 3, 2016 by kalkanholiday

buy avodart canada Today is market day in Kalkan and whether you live here full time or are just visiting, it’s the place to be on a Thursday. However in Winter it’s a very different experience to what most of you will see.

First of all it’s so much smaller. Rather than catering to the tourist market it is very much for the locals and the products on display are very much geared to the local market. Little old ladies will be sat behind their table, whatever the weather selling their finest crocheted hats and tea cosies! If you want a knife or a machete then never fear, you will find one at the Thursday market. Big knickers and Turkish flowery trousers are very much on display with just the odd stall serving as a throwback to Summer.

To the rear of the market is the produce section. Bright and colourful with a vast array of locally produced fruit and vegetables. Cabbages the size of boulders and the tastiest tomatoes you will ver eat and all at a fraction of the prices we are used to in UK supermarkets. Ok, it might not be perfectly shaped or cleaned and packaged the way we are used to, but my oh my, it tastes so good.

It’s here that you can take a breather and sit down under the awnings and have a cup of way and a gözleme, the traditional Turkish pancake. Its also the place where you get to meet up with almost everyone else – see and be seen

But in Summer it’s a different story. The market grows massively in size and the traders and stalls take on a whole new life. The produce section stays the same but that’s where it ends. It becomes the centre of the “genuine fake” stratosphere. Jeans, T-shirts, underpants, handbags, watches, jewellery, perfume and DVD’s – you name it and you can get it. And all of the traders have all of the patter – cheaper than Primark/Aldi/ Lidl!! But the quality is amazingly good and you can’t question the value. Alongside all of this is hardware and excellent authentic Turkish lamps,  carpets, spices and accessories

So whenever you come mark it in your diary. Thursday is market day and a great opportunity to spend those lira and get a whole lot for your money!

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