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Is It Safe To Visit Turkey This Summer?

Published on March 1, 2016 by kalkanholiday

here One of the most frequently asked questions from people looking at booking their holiday to Kalkan this year is, “Is it going to be safe?”

Well, let’s be honest, is anywhere in the world safe right now? Do any of us, when we step out of the front door in the morning know what fate lies in store for us. We live in a world where no-one can guarantee our personal safety, whether we choose to travel or simply stay at home.

But I think we all need to put things into perspective, and that starts with the official advice from The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). They are not advising against travel to anywhere except the immediate border areas with Syria – the majority of the country remains green. Take a look at the map and you will see that the UK, France, Spain and much of Europe remains on high alert too.

We fully appreciate that some of you may have some underlying apprehension but as many of you will have seen on Facebook recently the fact remains that Turkey is a huge country and it is in fact further from Kalkan to the Syrian border than it is from London to Munich

Those of you who have visited before will know that Kalkan is a quiet, friendly place – a place far removed from the troubles and we envisage that tourism will continue as normal, with people coming to enjoy the stunning scenery, the Turquoise blue sea and the warm friendly welcome you are guaranteed.

Much has been written upon the matter and in a recent article in The Independent they stated that the biggest risk of holidaying on this coast is the rip tide!

So should you come? Of course! Kalkan remains as beautiful as ever and statistically the risks are low

I was recently in the UK and was far more mindful of the potential issues in London and Manchester than I have ever been here

So, whether you are a Kalkan regular or its your first time I would say please don’t be put off by any scaremongering in the media and come. Come and enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer

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One thought on “Is It Safe To Visit Turkey This Summer?

  • Steve Hughes
    on March 30, 2017

    I can vouch for that.
    We purchased a villa in 2014 on LaVanta in Kalkan in the height of the so called ‘islamic state’ attacks around the world.
    It is a safe & friendly place to visit, and I can guarantee from experience, once you have been you will come back!



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